I want to make sure that the firewall is enabled stealth mode

I want to make sure that the firewall is enabled stealth mode. Help me do this, please. I can not see it-in the window Comodo
Why Bitdefender-can all show but Comodo is not?

Click on Tasks and then Firewall Tasks and then Click Stealth Ports.


Hi Eric
My question goes beyond the manual, apparently. Only the developer can answer it. And all because Comodo GUI-does not give such an opportunity. More precisely this possibility exists but it is limited! I need to

button to transfer all ports to the hidden mode. It is, it is good
Display the result in the GUI that the ports are switched to hidden mode. i.e. visual control of the performed action. This is not-not good

And to not be unsubstantiated, specifically to show this limitation I attached a screenshot of Bitdefender: where both items-implemented in the GUI I can easily make sure that stealth mode is active and somewhat soothe your paranoia :slight_smile:
How am I going to be able to find out looking at the GUI window tomorrow that I forgot to turn on stealth mode for ports? And in case it’s not my computer? If not I have installed and set up Comodo?
So-I appeal to you: prompt that registry key, the value of which indicates the fact that stealth mode-activated
Thank you

If you want to understand that NOT ports are hidden, then the directory
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\services\CmdAgent\CisConfigs\3\Firewall\Policy\Global Rules\4
shall not store keys
Correctly? 88)
I probably asked very difficult question ;D

Agree. Noted.

A wish topic requesting such feature.

umesh in the mod tracker there is a wish logged as bug 512.


You can check by visiting grc.com and running the free “Shields Up” online scanner GRC | ShieldsUP! — Internet Vulnerability Profiling  . There are options that allow you to scan various predefined sets as well as ranges defined by you. I’ve routinely used for testing updates as well as new installs,over more than 15 years.

You can check
The problem is that if you use a router that you will scan not Comodo of setup and setup of a router

Then you need to set your computer temporarily in the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) of your router. Some routers may call it exposed host.