I want to know about free proxy sites

Basically I know that a proxy is supposed to be a safe way to server the web. So how bout free proxy sites such as the one below. I have used some of the proxies on that site before. Was it a mistake? I guess I should of asked before I did it.

Was it a mistake?

Only if the proxy was untrustworthy, and that is the real question. How do you know?

Who owns it?
What info do they capture?
What do they do with captured info?
What are their legal obligations regarding personally identifiable data?

I trust my work proxy.
I trust Comdo Trust Connect.
I trust EasyVPN.

Beyond those, I don’t want to know.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I honestly am not sure but all I did was surf the web and didnt put out any info such as passwords or anything.

Are there any free trusted proxy servers out there?

Comodo has a proxy? Is it free too? Or only available to paid customers?

Comodo Trust Connect is, unfortunately, a paid service, but it is available as part of CIS Pro fro only $39US per year.