I WANT IEClean 7.0 !!!!

Kevin McAleavey, I know you sold this solftware for years. I know because I was a dedicated buyer of all your software you created. I religiously bought the new upgrades every time they came out but all of a sudden one day it was gone and I was too late. Is there any way I can still get it now? Can I buy it? Is it freeware? I never got the newest upgrades to IEClean and NSClean and I am frankly sad about it. If anybody knows anything or can point me in the right direction, please don’t hesitate to let me know.


You can find IEclean over here, but I’m not sure if it’s the right one


It’s freeware


Thanks for the reply eXperience, but that isn’t it. I have seen that program before. All that is, is a demo of the program. It’s a small video that shows what the program can do. Thanks anyways.


Well, than you have to wait for the great Kevin himself to show up because he will probably be the only one that can answer this question. (well, or perhaps Rednose 88))

See ya


Hi barneyhead, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I am afraid I can’t help you either. When Comodo bought the Privacy Software Corporation they acquired all the assets of it, meaning IEClean and NSClean too. But BOClean is the only program of PSC that has been released by Comodo.

That said, I remember that a few month ago Melih put psc-exam, one of Kevs tools, online :


So maybe there is a chance, if you ask Kev and/or Melih, that they make IEClean and NSClean available for us forum members too :slight_smile: Or if you want, I can ask them too :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Thanks for the reply Rednose. I would love if you could ask Kev if he could make those programs available. I don’t mind asking myself but I know coming from you, it would carry alot more weight. Thanks. I will keep checking for any new updates.


Could anyone tell me what those programs are? ;D

Those programs did so many things that it is hard to list them all. Check out this link and download the demo of what IEClean performed. It was pretty much the first program of its kind.



Hi barneyhead :slight_smile:

I realy doubt that, but I can always ask him :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

I found it (and other PSC software) still for sale on Newegg:

I’m new here by the way, I’ve used boclean for a while and love it. I saw this topic and thought that info might be helpful so I signed up to pass it on.

Hi exile360, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

When you click any further you will see it will end up with a 404 error message on all the PSC products. So they are not selling them anymore :wink:

Greetz, Red.

My bad, guess I should’ve checked that. Sorry if I falsely got anyone’s hopes up.

I will put this thread to rest until Kevin answers. :slight_smile:

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