I want a Firewall like 10 years ago!!

… a firewall that is slim and leightweigth.
that doesn´t come with 5 modules i will never use.

yeah i can disable all that stuff… but you guys at comodo are not stupid, you know that people don´t like to install stuff or have services running they don´t use and want.

i also don´t want the bugs and issues that come with these modules.
for example… to use sandboxie i have to configure HIPS (exclude sandboxie files) even when i have disabled HIPS… WTF?

and i am well aware that the security such a FW will offer is lower, without these modules.

years ago comodo FW was a good product for my intended use of it.

then came defense+, hips, sandboxing, geek buddy, viruscope… stuff i don´t use and never will use.

i use a software firewall to have some influence on apps that phone home. control over what is SEND from my PC.
that is more important for me then protection against attacks from the outside to be honest.

my router has a firewall, i use malware protection and i scan my system every day.

but a sophisticated hacker attack is the least i fear.

give me (and i bet there are a lot more people that want what i want) a lightweigth firewall that does just that… CONTROL over my network traffic.

honestly if the windows firewall would not be such a PITA to work with, i would ditch comodo FW in a second.
the windows firewall with the custom ruleset functionality of comodo, that would be perfect for me and all of my friends.

you may have the impression that you NEED to get more features into your product to stay interesting.

but that is wrong!
a LOT of people want something that is small and doesn´t come with a lot of bloat.
people are searching for such a product.

and for gods sake… make a proper uninstaller for your products.

or maybe if it would possible for us to decide what to install and what to not install . i.e geek buddy is not something everyone wants etc

shortly after i wrote this i removed comodo and installed a frontend for the windows firewall.

after i removed comodo the issues are gone and the windows firewall does everything i need.

i would have really liked to keep comodo but there is no sign that it is going to be better.
it will only get more bloated and you will have to deal with even more issues.

the last few month i spend more time fixing comodo issues then it was worth it for me.

i actually used comodo andstill use it ( only the firewall) and i like it because it is light on the system . :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

the windows firewall is even lighter. :slight_smile:

i am not paranoid or in need of an ultra secure firewall.
all i need a firewall for is controlling OUTGOING traffic.
i hate this data collection madness that is going on today. if i could i would pull the internet cable.
but that is no real working solution.

my router has a firewall and together with the windows firewall that should be enough.

i am not very concerned about being hacked.

so for my needs the windows firewall plus the frontend (to make it more comfortable to use) replaced comodo.
after using this combo for a while, i am not seeing me going back to comodo.
except comodo really makes a lightweight firewall without the bloat.

i have better network transfer speeds, less hickups (short amount of times the system seems to “think”) since i removed comodo.
i can only guess but i think that´s because comodo replaces system files with it´s own files so it has more control (packet inspection etc.).
it did not need that in a decade of comodo use to be honest.

maybe if software company try to use more malicious ways to phone home (try to circumvent the windows firewall).
but i use software from big corporations… they can´t afford to do that. the outcry would be immens.

I know what you mean Gothmoth :). I miss the days of “simpler” security products. Nowadays, there seems to be too many options to tweak :(. I understand why the “paid for” products do this (adding more features). It’s all about making money at the end of the day and that’s the problem. I feel Comodo is different though, they do listen to their users and provide top quality product(s) for free and this can help everyone. Thank you Comodo :-TU

I feel they are going in the right direction with CCAV though and the addition of a “light” firewall is something I am very looking forward too. Keep the interface simple (as it currently is) and keep the technical stuff under the hood. I just hope that over time, CCAV won’t start adding un-needed features.


The current version of the firewall is actually working surprisingly well! Now it seems, all the features are working very well.

However, I got your point! … Maybe “Free Firewall” from Evorim (from Germany) is something for you.

Actually it is a quite simple executable/application-blocker. Well, it doesn’t block the application, but it’s network-traffic (if you want to).
The good thing: It can be used ON TOP of the Windows Firewall without problems.

The program and the GUI are quite simple and intuitive. Futhermore, there are a few extra features (“Prevent that tracking services on web sites analyze your surfing habits. The firewall prevents calls to statistics and analysis services on Internet pages, which log the user behavior in the background.”“Stop the download of telemetry data of the respective software manufacturer and and the Microsoft Server. The firewall blocks all background transmissions of telemetry data of the Windows operating system to the server on the Internet.”)

So, if this sounds interesting to you, have a look. I will stick to Comodo FW.

CIS does not replace system files. It has never done that. It runs a packet filter driver in the kernel and will insert cmdguard.sys in running processes.


I would also like a standalone Firewall…
Just a Firewall nothing else (something like Sygate used to be).
Btw. why do you give us checkboxes in settings that don’t do anything? It doesn’t matter if I disable stuff they are still running and interfering, and why do I get a “spyware” called Comodo Internet Security installed when I download and install just the Firewall(and no that is not the real CIS, I used real CIS and this is basically just a spyware)?

Firewall 10 is working great but I don’t need the rest, I have a working AV, AntiSpyware, AdBlocker, my “SandBox” is a Virtual Machine, I just need a Firewall…
I DONT WANT Viruscope, HIPS, Website Filtering and why I would need a AV like File Rating in a Firewall is beyond me.

Please do something about it, sometimes less is more…