I vote for AOwL?


I have had Comodo Firewall up and running for a while now and during that time I thought all was well; well that is until I found AOwL’s site. On his site he has a great little tutorial on installing and setting up Comodo firewall. So if all you have done is install and restarted your computer then the chances are you need to see this tutorial to finish the job. You will find it here: NordicNature - Comodo Firewall Install Guide - Tutorials - Håkan Olsson

Oh and what do I want to vote AOwL for? Dare I say creating more of his fantastically clear and simple tutorials. :BNC



Welcome to the forums, Othalian!

I’m sure AOwl will greatly appreciate that you got a lot out of his tutorial. It is indeed a great addition to the user resources here!



I was thinking again, goodness this is tiring ;), would it not be possible for an area of the Comodo site to be set aside for such tutorials. This would be better than users having to search through all of these posts to find what they need. By that I mean just a list of tutorials, no comments or other text. Ok you could add a star rating system so the authors can see how popular they are.

Just an idea.


Othalian (V)

Thinking? Again? Oh my, what is the world coming to…? ;D

That’s not a bad idea; there is a compilation of all the “hot” FAQs, sorted by topic. It is here: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,894.0.html However, it is a little short of your criteria, as it just has links to those threads, which obviously include some back-and-forth to answer user questions.

I will take your suggestion under advisement, and see if something can’t be put together. Don’t expect it tomorrow, tho! ;D





I hope you weren’t expecting anything today, so that this will be a big surprise, and bring great joy…

Here’s the compilation of tutorials, taken from the original posts, with links to each. This is only the “here’s what to do” info. There are no comments, replies, or anything else to get in the way… ;D Just info. If you have questions, you can follow the link to the original topic and post there.




Little Mac, Comodo Hero, my hero; THANKS! You have done a fantastic job. :■■■■


I hope it’s helpful…