i-vault-Tools-Preferences ERROR

(R) First some background info (:NRD) I downloaded i-vault from the COMODO site then installed it but—during the install prosess it DID NOT mention ANYTHING about LaunchPad and LaunchPad sucks big time so after getting some info here in the Forum i removed LaunchPad. Now this is were the problem begins. In “Tools”----“Preferences”----I have “Start with Windows” checked and “Task Manager” comfirms that it does start with Windows although nothing is displayed on the DeskTop. I also have “Minimize to tray at startup” checked but this does NOT happen. I also have “Close button minimizes to tray” checked but this function also does NOT work. After closing i-vailt (which should put an icon into the system tray) "Task Manager indicates it’s still running. Can anyone help me resolve this issue.

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Run Ivault.exe
Run Ivault.dll
Run Ivault.exe again (wot not Launchpad)
Then use a window manager such as Actual Window Manager or freeware equivalent to automate minimise to tray.

You can do this in a batch file, but you may (or may not) need to insert waits between commands to allow for security software scans of the files. Each file must be fully loaded before you load the next.

Counterintuitively waits in .cmd (batch) files can be created by pings as follows:

Ping -n 60 >nul

Change the 60 (approx=seconds) to get the right delay

Hope this helps - works for me, & no Launchpad