i-Vault stuck once installed in a new PC

I have just installed i-Vault in a new PC provided by the company I work for (DELL620 a dual core Centrino with XP - SP3, an upgrade to my previous one a DELL 610 where everything was fine with i-Vault).

Even if I have re-installed i-Vault two times, it doesn’t work at all; it stucks when I launch it from the Comodo LaunchPad. It opens the main window but only its frame is visible and neither contents nor menus are displayed into it.

The process is locked and cannot run, just killed.

Update: after some tests, I realized that i-vault works on the new pc when it’s connected home, while it doesn’t when it’s connected to the office LAN. The major difference I know between the two LAN is the presence of a proxy server to connect to the internet.

Any suggestion on how to fix this problem (or at least how to understand and debug it)?

Update: any reason why it works at home and it doesn’t in the office?

Thanks (:NRD)

PS this is an update to what I described and, for reasons not known to me, it doesn’t happen anymore; even if I haven’t received any feedback in two weeks (not in two days!) I leave it here just for curiosity about what could have caused this.