I-Vault issues

i cannot figure out how to use quickpasswords or it does not work.i fallowed the uninstall instruction,including turning off other security software,making sure i-vault is not in startup ect.Also my license expires in 90 days what am i supposed to do?wil i be able to renew,what if my passwords get stuck after the expiration.which also shows how with a full clean uninstall the program restarted itself where it left off,would not let me put new license in (:NRD).thank you

I was here looking for answers to the quickpassword probelm myself. License is good for a year, but have yet been able to make the password pop up as stated.

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When you say “quickpassword” do you mean the auto login ability?

If so, I’ll outline the steps I have just done to get it to work.

  1. Download I-vault, install and activate
  2. Set up the privatge storage
  3. Created a new WEB RESOURCE card for http://forums.comodo.com
  4. Entered the appropriate details for the site (see attached)
  5. Saved the completed card
  6. Left i-vault open but locked
  7. Started IE and went to the Comodo forum site
  8. The username and password fields went GREEN, which indicates that I-vault is ready to learn
    8a. Ready to learn despite me already telling it the credentials 88)
  9. Entered the username and password for the site and logged in
  10. Immediately logged out and shut IE
  11. Unlocked i-vault, opened the previously created card and clicked the link
  12. IE started and opened the site
  13. i-vault entered the login details and presented the site as if I had logged in manually

Steps 11-13 are consistent and repeatable. I’ve since set up 5 other sites using the above method (but not bothering with steps 3-5). I’ve had no problems with any of these other sites.

I’m still doing a few more tests to refresh my memory on this app. I’ll post more as I go.

Let me know how your experience vaires from what I’ve outlined.

Ewen :slight_smile:

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I’ve just found one oddity.

Assume that I have setup site “X” correctly in i-vault and it is configured for autologin.

If I launch the site by clicking the link on the i-vault card, I am automatically logged in. If, OTH, I startIE manually and go to that site, the username and password fields turn yellow, indicating i-vault is ready to learn the credentials for this site.


Ewen :slight_smile:

To late but Thanks for trying.
Uninstalled and loaded KeePass V1.11

And it works just as promised.


Reason: Out-Dated post.