i-Vault Internet Banking Options

Hi to everyone,

I am thinking of using i-Vault but have a question regarding internet banking.

The bank I use effectively requires three entries before I can access my account. Firstly a user ID followed by a password, then I am taken to a third screen where specific entries of a final password must be entered (e.g. enter characters 1 3 and 7 of password) Can i-Vault be configured to handle these events with a single button press?



I don’t think that it can, at present. I believe if you look thru the WishList https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,132.0.html you will find others’ mention of that (or similar).

At present it has a configuration to automatically enter logon and password. More information can be input and used thru (if nothing else) secure/encrypted copy/paste mechanism, but that part is not automatic.

Have you installed and tried i-Vault to see how it functions?