I-VAULT Does Not Work With FIREFOX.

I downloaded and installed, and what a complete waste of time that was.

Comodo, please do the following: On the i-Vault web page, please be upfront and print in big bold letters:


Of course, then nobody would bother downloading it. It’s hard to take Comodo seriously as a security provider when it develops programs that are incompatible with Firefox and only work with a terrible browser like Internet Explorer.


You are correct; it does not say on the download/info page that it only works with IE. While it does say so in the PDF manual available there, it’s not in plain view.

Thanks for point that out.


And you don’t have to be so pissy about it either!!! Some of us happen to like COMODO’s Free and awesome products and are convinced that they will work out the incompatibility issues ASAP! I also luv my FF/TB but I also LUV my COMODO apps … They will work it out have a little faith my friend!


But PLEASE write in big letters on your downloadpage: does only integrate with IE.

I am really disappointed that Comodo which calls itself a security expert and really has great products does force user to use IE for a product of theirs…come on, everyone only thinking about security uses firefox :wink:

For what it’s worth, Comodo focuses on Windows and MS products in regards to their security solutions, because that is where the greatest need is. Let’s face it, MS is a cash-cow for companies like Comodo… :smiley:

As you say, that leaves those who have already wised up and moved away from using all MS products a little out in the cold, but I’m sure they’ll get around to us at some point…



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