i-Vault data temporarily unavailable

Sometimes data stored into i-Vault get unavailable. I can see the directory tree list but if I click on a card, data on the right side of the window do not appear; the data space is black with no visible data in it. :frowning:

Sometimes, also the directory tree is corrupted and it displays only the last cards automatically just entered after having broswed the Internet and logged on into a website.

If I do: Storage-> Close and then Storage->Open, everything is back again. :smiley:

This happens to me more times a day, especially after having woken up my PC that was previously out into sleep mode. ???

Any suggestion? It looks like a bug. Has anybody else experienced the same problem?

PS WinXP - SP3, Dell D610. :THNK



PS This is a serious issue (because it happens very frequently and in a consistent way but I haven’t received any feedback yet >:(

I have the same problem - exactly as you describe it. Sorry no idea re solution - seems likely to be some sort of database connection comms timeout.