i-vault card creation wizards not working

I am running version under Vista. When attempting to create new cards, the contacts, bank account and cell phone templates don’t work. The first page for data entry comes up but after hitting “next”, the original template selection window comes up instead of the second data entry page. Has anyone seen this behavior?

Also - is there any way to create custom card templates?


Hello Ballyhoo. I am also a new user of I-Vault. I also tried installing it on Vista. I had the same issues you did. After some checking I believe that I-Vault only works on W2K and XP. I installed it on one of my XP’s and it works great. As to future support on Vista I don’t have the answer, but maybe someone else here on the forums does. Anyone?

Thanks Grayhair. Some sites claim the latest version is compatible with Vista. I was afraid this might not be the case. This looks like it could be a good program if IE integration and all the cards worked well with Vista. So, I may continue to use simply as a password repository hoping that Vista compatibility will be coming soon.

Does anyone know anything about Vista support timelines?

Does anyone have a recommendation for an alternative password vault that is properly integrated into Vista that they would recommend?



Reason: Out-Dated post.