I think you guys should fix the bugs you already have

In my opinion, before releasing version 5, i think you guys should fix version 4’s bugs first. But I hope version 5 will be completely cleaned of bugs upon final release. I am still having a lot of problems with version 4. I am sorry if this topic sounds disrespectful.


Yeah, earlier I’ve tried to install Archlord mmorpg which uses GameGuard as hacking protection and boy, I was in for a treat !
I mean CIS and GameGuard just don’t mix, PERIOD.

I had to disable D+ for the game to work, otherwise, as soon as GameGuard loads… it’s rebooting time, it just restarts my pc ! From what I’ve read here and there, this is an old problem between CIS and GameGuard !

Anyways, I hope that Game Mode does get implemented in first CIS v5 and that whitelist for games also !

I have had that problem with the MapleStory hack guard.

Hey jerenator69,
I think you’re right as far as fixing the bugs. On the other hand I’ve been running 4.1 on my win/xp and win7 PC’s and have not encountered any bugs, not to say there are none. I get a 340/340 on the CLT, so I do feel my PC’s are secure for the most part. If you are running into problems you should be specific in what the problems are so the Mod’s and Dev’s can address it. You’ll probably get more feed back and possible answers to the problems you’re running into.
P.S. I’m not sure if you already posted the problems and or bugs in another part of this forum if so disregard the latter part of my reply.

If the above bug could be fixed, I would greatly appreciate that. This incompatibility really makes me double think about using CIS. I really want to use it but with this bug, it really puts me off.

I really don’t care if bugs (lack’s or whatever you name) are fixed in new versions as long as I can import/export the configurations.

In short, I’m very disapointed with:

    • Old bugs aren’t solved as quickly as they should be.
    • New versions always come with a high number of new bugs.

If all the bugs had been fixed in every version of CIS before moving on, I think it would have taken 10 years to reach the present level instead of just 2.

Remember time is money and a few bugs is a small price to pay for such an ambitious project. With CIS 5 I would think that all the planned components are now in place and maybe the developers can now relax a little and refine the finished product.

Having run all the betas, I have not had anything found by any other scanners and I never had a serious problem with XP, Vista or Win7.

There will always be something out there with compatibility problems.

When I first ran v4.1 x32 on my Vista x32 laptop I experienced several very serious problems which I considered to be ‘bugs’ in the then latest iteration of CIS in fact it was so ‘buggy’ that I reverted back to v3.14 x32, but when I installed v4.1 x64 on my Win 7 x64 desktop it worked perfectly with the exact same programs that acted ‘buggy’ on my laptop with the same version of CIS installed. In this kind of a situation what ‘bugs’ does it leave the developers to fix when performance is flawed on one computer and perfectly fine on another?


CIS V5 whether Beta or Final won’t ever see the time of day on my computer. :stuck_out_tongue:

JamesFrance:There will always be something out there with compatibility problems.

Too much, too little you don’t write software in haste to impress you write to function especially when sharing it with the public at large.

This is software life… Life goes on…

Maxxwire, JamesFrance, Tech:

I agree with everything about evolution. It’s necessary and you just can’t beat it.
But… while evolution takes its time…

  • How long did you have waited (with v3 at “frozen” state") until you could import v3 configs to v4? (think about average Joe’s users)
  • MS took about a month to release that “.lnk” patch. Meantime, many other vendors did something to protect their users, while here…
  • How long CIS let a sanboxed app send data without warning?
  • For how long CIS will be vulnerable to certain well known scripts?
  • For how long there will be keyboard, clipboard, sound and screen flaws/lacks?
    Just a few examples.
    If you are here since v3 beta-testing (as I am and did it a lot) you know what I mean. It’s deep.

Please, don’t get me wrong. I’m 100% with COMODO.

I want progress more than anyone else.
It’s just the voice of my customers speaking thru… and a deep wish of success.

As I said, I don’t care if solutions come with new versions or revisions, I do care about the time to get it!

I’m 100% with you.

I very strongly agree with the OP on this! If there is anybody that loves Comodo its me but you all really need to fix things that are problems in the current version. Though i think you should start with V5 as a fresh new bug free start. i ran v5 but having to force shutdown was annoying i do hope this is fixed in the final version.
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You really changed with your change of identity, thinking back to your 50th birthday.

Surprised you are still here as you have stopped using all the programs :smiley:

So that all other users that I respect as well as the devs at Comodo, whether as Xman or Sorcerer I never really had a problem with Comodos’ offerings, I just wish (hope) they would really do their homework before releasing a soft prior to the anguish I’ve seen too many times on these forums. It really is heart breaking to read.
Sorcerer (Xman)

Agreed With OP

i wonder why can’t comodo fix the problem with GameGuard… it’s been a problem for more than 2 years already… WTH?

If I recall correctly the problem with Gameguard is that it tries to unhook cmdagent from the kernel. It simply tries to disable CIS. That is what part of the malware may try as well.