I think we all need to test this new version of CIS [CLOSED]

I think we all are desperate to try this new (beta) version of CIS.
How far has it been delayed?

Any updates?

this coming week feels like it…


So was it the signature formats that delayed it?
If so, there must be ALOT of sigs. ;D

This is very nice news. :BNC


we do have a lot of it… and more coming…

we intend to be one of the best if not the number 1…we mean it!!!


Respect for your ambitions once again. I always felt the “Sturm und drang”, as the German language puts it so eloquently (not a native German speaker here ), of your ambition and appreciated the sincerity of it. The firewall has always been way up to the standards. When I read, in one of your replies here at the forums, that the upcoming heuristics are up to the standards of Kaspersky and Antivir’s heuristics I bow deeply… (B) (J) (R)

Waiting as patiently as I am eager to test the upcoming beta with all the goodies not mentioned here.

If all the improvements of this new format that were stated are true, then it is well worth the wait.
Keep it up! (L) (L)

I am so excited for the new ‘user friendly’ beta!..i hope it is early in the week…otherwise it will be a long week! (V)

oh universe plz make new beta available to all of us as quickly as possible!!! (:KWL)

(L) (B) (CLY) (CWY) (CNY) (V) (S) (:HUG) (:CLP) :BNC (:LOV) (:KWL) :■■■■
hope bet releases soon cause all this waiting is killing me

They were 100% true.

This week should be it intime for Xman’s Bday on the 16th.


I really like the ambition. It still is a long way to go, but with these kind of users and testers Comodo surely can do it.
To me CIS only had three things to do to become nr 1.

  • Improve detection
  • add in BoClean
  • add in a improved anti spam. ( a more normal version than the one that is being tested now )

Hi Melih, will it be delivered with 50 candles this coming Friday latest?
Xman :-TU :■■■■


Thanks, you guys ARE THE BEST!!! :■■■■
Xman :wink:

I like to keep people back on focus :slight_smile: Comodo has a cult like following because they offer free software that is great. While I don’t question the company’s genuine commitment to making the internet a better place, the company has a revenue model similar to television companies. They make money through the selling of SSL certificates, instead of solely specializing in software and charging. Although they do have a premium support version now.

COMODO Internet Security 3.5.61373.458 Beta Released!

Thread Closed… :wink: