I think someone tried to hack me, seriously.

A file called stqhsq.dll showed up in c:users:myname:appdata:local:windowsserver and the file isn’t to be found on google, and even avg said it was a trojan, I kept deleting it and it kept reappearing hopefully some program makes this file and it’s just a false positive but i’m not sure if i’m in the wrong thread please tell me and please help.

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Please upload the suspected file to Virustotal. This uses multiple antivirus engines, so you can view if any other scanners picked it up.

Also, if this is malware, it seems AVG is having a hard time removing it. You can use this as a guide. Malwarebytes has a program called “File Assassin” integrated in it. If no other programs can remove it, try using File Assassin.

File Assassin is also available as a separate portable app from Malwarebytes.

Already deleted it so I can’t submit or shred it, but I think it is a personal hacker trying to get into my pc, their was this guy whos an expert on game engine exploits and he could hack into windows servers that were running game servers, so I just want to know what to do so he doesn’t come back I actually didn’t have comodo installed when this was happening so maybe it will stop him.

From your description, it doesn’t sound like a hack attempt. You said AVG kept detecting it after you deleted it, but now it’s not coming back?

If so, just to make sure, run a few more scans using the scanners listed in the thread I posted above. Then install CIS if you have not already done so. If you need help configuring, feel free to post in the Firewall Help section.

Never knew that. Thanks for the heads up. :wink:

right now i’m scanning with, spybot, microsoft windows malicious software removal tool, comodo, a-squaredm avg, and about to get malwarebytes, so I think that should do it but honestly I don’t think it’s a virus, I think it’s some guy trying to exploit into my computer, and he just gave up for now after I deleted his .dll after a while, if I sound stupid tell me but really I was looking for more of a way to keep hackers out incase it is a hacker attacking me.

Were you running any firewall before this all happened? It’s possible it was a hack attempt, but I highly doubt it. Why have you come to a conclusion that it was a hack attempt, just because AVG detected this .dll file?

because I ■■■■■■ off a guy who was very good at finding exploits in windows servers, and I don’t install any ■■■■■■ software with viruses, no I wasn’t running any firewall, just avg, and yeah that’s basically it, I really do believe it was a hack attempt, now I wanna know everything I can do to keep him out if it is a hacker.

Now i’m getting more files avg and comodo are telling me about, they’re located in temporary internet files, and they have long codes like aiuodnp1i2uhe1287hdb12ieb2 in the file name, this is starting to make me feel better, hopefully it’s some dumb spyware and I can remove it and get on with my life haha.

Are you behind a router with firewall enabled ?

Can you please upload some of these files to http://www.virustotal.com/

They may be malicious or they may merely be false positives.

I hope this isn’t another rodney person >:-D


I wanna know everything I can do to keep him out if it is a hacker.
3 simple things
  1. Don’t go back to the place where this person hangs out at (Don’t bother creating a new membership at whereever because this person (assuming they got the skils)l will eventully figure out that your new membership at whatever site)

  2. Now more importantly is to switch your ip address permanently (This only works if you don’t go back to that place again, also this will stop your hacker from finding you again, but won’t help you from hiding from the government or law enforcement :o )
    UNPLUG (the power supply) from your router. Leave it unplugged for a good day or so. Then Plug the power supply back in the router. Now you will have a new “ip address” :slight_smile:

  3. If you think someones got alot of skills, don’t ■■■■ that person off. :slight_smile: