i think it's fake malicious website related to facebook

Hi Comodo How are you
i was in facebook i found a strange picture when i clicked at it
it sent me to this website

i have searched about fbsbx i found that it’s related to facebook!
but i am already using facebook … why it requested my email and password again???
is that a new exploit in the attachment system in the facebook … which make the spammer hack everyone?
what type of picture is included in that link?

wait you guys <3

i think it’s kali linux exploit
it’s from 2018
they are using
He created a Payload with msfvenom and obfuscated VBA Scripts with Chrw() function that returns a Unicode character, if in case Unicode is not supported by the system it acts as Chr function which returns ASCII or ANSI character.

The Facebook vulnerability may allow attackers to create a phishing attack through the trusted domain. The Vulnerability resides in validating the contents of the files posted through links and Unvalidated re-directions.