i think i got a trojan...

Well i was on my myspace talking to peopl when i decided to change my myspace layout and like everyone on there myspaces have these web layouts from this site. So i go and check the site when i click on a section saying “rap” layouts then all of a sudden i hear “2 clicks” then a fake windows box comes up saying “Warning you have alot of viruses and trojans on your computer !!!” then i exit it out IMMEDIATLY!! and run a scan with AVG and check my firewall but i have nothing and im pretty nervous right now. Someone help me please! i would appreciate it.

hi Shroomz
welcome to the forum (:WAV)
could you pls follow these steps:

Is it www.malwarebytes.org?

Yes that’s the home page of MBAM
but you can download it here

as they have others hosting their downloads for them.
Major Geeks is as reliable as they come.