I think I crippled CIS with AV version 3.5.57

What happened is this. I have vista SP1 Ultimate 32x

My sound wasn’t working, so I restarted the computer. I keep hitting (f8 key) until a new screen came up
I clicked on “last know good configuration”
After the computer restarted, My sound was fine. BUT COMODO WON’T WORK ANY MORE
I tried “diagnostics” and “check for update”, but was not good,
On the comodo screen, on the very bottom it said it was initializing
I uninstalled comodo CIS and reinstalled it.
It worked fine ever since. I WANTED TO REPRODUCE THE PROBLEM AGAIN TO BE SURE SO I RESTARTED THE COMPUTER HITTING THE “F8 KEY” clicked on “last konow good configuration” Then comodo stopped working properly.

This ALSO applies to the new COMODO CIS beta, that came out a few days ago

I thank you for your time in reading this,
If you have any questions, I’ll be more then happy to answer it :slight_smile: