I successfully disabled::

I successfully disabled three stupid things that I previously allowed.

QoS, Client For Microsoft Networks and IP v6 on my network config, I don’t miss any of them.
I somehow has forgot to disable those, but feels good to have it fixed now at least.

Only disabled? Mine are uninstalled. I only have IP (TCP/IP) ;D

Can’t you just disable them with services.msc or even msconfig?


Nope. These can only be managed in your connection type in Network Connections.

Oh, and can you nlite them away ? If so, I probably did that
btw : Network connections is disabled :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if nLite covered it since I would’ve disabled those specific components already. Just because Network Connections is gone, doesn’t mean those components are gone as well. You can download something like WWDC to check.

■■■■ you minimalist! (:LGH) (I am just kidding… hehhe)

This part isn’t really about minimalism, but about security-aware and speed freaking. Those components are totally useless for non-networked PCs.

I guess so… You know what you talk about… I don’t… I still believe those components do not have any impact on the system… and a non-networked PC is very rare these days…

(Hey, I do not want to be sarcastic and stuff… I just express my views, so sorry if people feel bad… just ignore me…)

I only disabled, but now I did a remove simply to be hardcore! =)
But good Idea, they don’t take long to reinstall if needed.

Uninstalling them will also remove some Windows services like Workstation. (:WIN)

I’m never shy to show off my services list ;D

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hehe najjs you are running almost nothing, but you could live without themes too! =)
And audio if running an Ipod. =)
And Event Log too! =)
Not that I would strip it down so much hehe… (:TNG) (:TNG)

edit: I guess you already thought of that!

How could I have not known about disabling audio and themes? :stuck_out_tongue: There’s a reason why I need those. It’s also about balance (:AGL)