I ran comodo hijack remover from CCE


I ran comodo hijack remover from CCE.

what does mena that?

I have no idea what the error might be. It’s an online installer direct from comodo.

Read this:

Is German, did not think of it:

[s]or there:


It’s just letting you know that your Hosts file has been modified. The IP is the Comodo Beta server for CIS downloads, from when you have downloaded and installed the new CIS Beta

The name of ‘threat’ is misleading. Changed my host with some bans and comodo calls it a threat every time when I let it scan with cce. But then I know the meaning.

Best way to get your attention when an important system file is modified . . . perhaps w/o your knowledge :wink:

ok but it detects it as hijack?

what is recommended in that situations?

Hi colchis . . . It’s just a phrase that’s used. CIS doesn’t ‘know’ that it was you who modified the Hosts file, so that description is used

It can be ignored completely - your system shows as clear if that was the only result