I prefer comodo firewall 2

I’ve just installed comodo firewall 3, but i’m very disappointed.
It’s very slow, it makes my computer running slower, and it crashes every 10 minutes. 2.x was perfect and really faster.

There’s a bit of confusion in the user interface. In 2.x version there were less options, ok, but you were able to find everything easy. In 3.0 there are buttons everywhere and the more useful options are unable to find.

When you want to use a set of ports for a rule, you must go to firewall/my port set and add one by one at first, and then you can use them for your rule. In 2.x you were able to type them in the rule creation window using the comma, and that way was really faster to add a dozen of ports.

While i’m writing these things it has crashed another time without a reason, the 3rd in 4 hours, and is now also impossible to kill the process. If i try to terminate it by task manager, the pop up message is shown: Unable to terminate the process. The operation could not be completed. Access denied.

I’ll go to uninstall it and reinstall 2.x 'till it becomes more stable.
It’s a great software anyway, but my experience with 3.0 has been not so nice.