I personally think it's extremely arrogant of Comodo

I personally think it’s extremely arrogant of Comodo not to allow disabling through Services! It irritates me to no end as administrator. You must think I’m to stupid to have this feature, it’s a bottom feeding tactic!!!
I don’t want to know any special work around. I learned windows, I don’t want to reinvent the wheel!

What exactly do you want to disable through services?

I believe he is wanting to stop the comodo internet security service. I attached a screen shot that shows that you can not stop the service via services.msc. I do not think this is a bad thing though as an administrator myself.

  1. It keeps users from disabling it if they have access to the msc.
  2. It keeps malware from disabling it. (if not caught or allowed outside the sandbox)

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I am not familiar with the Comodo Endpoint Security Manager but wouldn’t that be the tool to use as a sys admin rather than changing settings at each individual work station?

To state the obvious; I am not a sys admint… :-\

That’s what I would have thought, yet here we are … 88) :smiley:

Your first post in almost 3 years and you go straight to pucker mode because something doesn’t work the way you expect/desire, rather than asking a simple question?

Arrogance obviously has more than one definition. 88)

Ewen :slight_smile:

OK, you need to calm down, technology is an intellectual/rational exercise not an emotional one, the emo attitude would be for the dramatic arts.

Security systems must be secured in turn and they do it themselves, Avast! also secure it’s service not allowing anything to change it, is a security measure that uses little RAM, is not active if the security has been disabled and it remains untouchable in case a virus, spyware, malware get’s into the system and tries to not only disable the service but completely uninstall it and the security software altogether, it happened to me with Trend Micro VirusScan (not it protects its service too) and its firewall wasn’t good so the virus used the network resources to access the PC as a workaround the AV protection, this was the main reason I started looking for a free, simple and yet powerful firewall (which was rare at the time, AVs alwys been many), I’d look for another AV later on and I found Avast! after a thorough research on the available at the time, COMODO didn’t have D+ nor AV, yes I was at the beginning of CFW birth; so all you need is to disable the security software, don’t mind the services, it’s a cheap way to save little RAM, really not worth it if you don’t need RAM badly.

Comodo not to allow disabling through Services! It irritates me to no end as administrator.
If your an really an administrator, just open the icon and disable whatever you want. <---seriously this is not reinventing the wheel. I can think of many reasons why people should NOT be able to disable it from services. Also If your an administrator for a business network and you feel that users should be able to disable comodo from services then I have I a hard time taking you seriously as a admin for a business network because that a perfect recipe for getting hacked and or getting PI stolen, or even users screwing with the network setting (intentional or not). I could go on all day.
You must think I'm to stupid to have this feature, it's a bottom feeding tactic!!!
LOL... That's the funniest thing I've read here in a while. Why not create a poll here and we'll find out how many people here agree with you >:-D

Maybe this is a stupid question.

But why would you want to stop/disable “comodo internet security service” ?

Let us know exactly what you want, we will put it in the wishlist if it makes sense.


Very good question. Btw, everyone can stop end or disable Comodo services with WinPatrol going there to the Services tab. But this is only good for hindering CIS customizing Comodo services for startup and running services. But STOPPING CIS ?
CIS is so excellent, the breakthrough of Comodo Internet Security is not stoppablle.

The only other security based software I have installed other than CIS 6 is the free version of Malwarebytes. I don’t think anything else is necessary. It has been my observation that the people who have the most problems with compatibility and any new software of any kind are the same people who insist on tinkering with Windows and it’s services. I just leave Windows at defaults and I practically never have any problems with anything.

WinPatrol is a trusted program and is therefor allowed. An unknown (untrusted) program should not be able to do this.

If you come across an unknown program that is capable please report it here at the forums. Comodo is always open to fix this.