I no longer get alerts of any type - AN MORE!!

I now have some VERY strange behavior from Comodo Internet Security Premium. I am running WIndows 64 Bit version 10. This behavior seemed to have happened a month or two ago. I have the latest updates for the Firewall, Program and such. Here they are:

*Windows Update can no longer connect to the Internet (last update was 8-28-16) It reports “Windows Update cannot connect to the Internet” I have disabled HIPS, Firewall, Sandbox, same mesage.

*If I try to disable the Firewall(I have always used Custom Rules) it will not change from Custom Ruleset - UNLESS - I go to Training mode. No other modes work. It will default back to Custom Ruleset.

  • Antivirus seems to work in Stateful mode. Seems to.

  • Although I have have Firewall set to Custom Ruleset and HIPS set to Safe Mode, all alerts flash for only an INSTANT on the screen and go away almost instantly. I am NOT allowed to act on Firewall alerts, HIPS alerts, nothing. The system never asks me anymore. In essence, if I install anew program I want it will automatically sandbox it, not allowing me to change the HIPS request that I am installing something I want. I have to disable HIPS and Sandbox, MANUALLY add HIPS and FIREWALL rules to allow, and then run my program. No program interaction at all asking me to allow or disallow the wanted program (or unwanted, for that matter)

*Lastly, if I TRY to uninstall Comodo - it reports that it is uninstalled - but upon reboot. IT IS STILL THERE AND ACTIVE. I CANNOT uninstall it. I use Rollback PCRx as my “System Restore” scheme and simply restored my system to the previous state in order to get back to work. I am all for someone using Team Viewer to look at my system at this point. SImply , Comodo used to work grandly in Firewall “Custom Ruleset” and HIPS “Safe” mode(HIPS is now disabled so I can work, and my Firewall rules look to have not changed in ages) .

I am mystified and need some help.

CIS has this little problem when installation is corrupt, an update is unsuccessful (this happens with security software). Soon after, we have to make a forced uninstall, searching for files and then having to use an uninstaller or make a check in the registry and remove files petencentes the CIS;
You must use a very narrow configuration. Still yet, there will be 100% protected;
Windows update more harmful, than protects. If countries where the “Internet firewood is moved,” it worsens a bit more;

Try uninstalling using a trial version of revouninstall and reinstall CIS.

Try to follow this guide to uninstall CIS:

I have Windows 10 64 bit - so it appears I will not be able to use Revo Uninstaller. Comodo Reports I am using CIS Premium version Should I follow the link on uinstalling Comodo ? Will it give me SPECIFICS on uninstalling in the Windows 10 64 Bit environment? Plus, I want my CIS Premium license to be active, but I understand that it is only a trial now. I don’t want to lose my license. I also own IoBit Advanced Security Suite that has it’s own Uninstaller “Helper”. Should I try it? Then the tools mentioned in the link? THEN which version of Comodo do I install to keep my license (keep in mind I downloaded Comodo Premium when it was free and not a trial). Thanks for all of the help.

If you wanna try to uninstal CIS, you can use this software:

If it’s not working, try this: