I need your help..

Dear Comodo Staff,

I need your help about this issue cause i dont have any info about it.Maybe i m asking this question to wrong topic but i could not find the topic about it.My problem is:

We are reseller of you.And one of our client’s PCI DAILY SCANNING service has expired.Their premiumssl certificate will be expired next year but pci daily scanning service and hackerdguardian logos are expired.I learned how can i make an order for them from your online asistant ‘ALAN’ yesterday.But i have 1 more problem too.

How can i use that service?

Cause last year another staff from us helped to this client.But this person is not working with us now.I m workin in SSL certificates department but I did not use this service before.I researched but did not any source for it :frowning:

Now our client want to renew and use this service.I can renew it but then how can i activate it again?Should i use any panel or code for this service?

Can you please give me an information or send me any link for it?


Please open a support ticket here: http://support.comodo.com and they will help you out. Let me know if you have any other issues. :wink: