I need to fix a small problem with chromodo and c.dragon (using)

Hello everyone
(sorry for my english :embarassed:)

I use both chromodo that c.dragon, I find the best in terms of safety and performance.
but every once known a strange behavior when opening the browser (chromodo and dragon)
to be more clear I am attaching a video hoping to solve this annoying problem I know only using chromodo and c.dragon, but not if I use ice dragon.

as noted by the video desktop icons have a strange behavior

how to prevent and solve
thanks for any help

Hi and welcome ciccolo,
It looks to be a bug in various Chromium based browsers.
I am not reproducing the issue here.
Disabling the following flag has helped some users with various Chromium versions.
profile management system causing taskbar/desktop icons to refresh every browser load up-Chromium Issues

Note: The above is disabled in Dragon on my system, which as far as I know is the default setting.

Sorry I couldn’t help more and by the way your English is fine. :slight_smile:

thanks for the answer

I am using chromodo and c.dragon in win 7 home premium 32bit

I had previously disabled the option of new profiles and also that of the new avatar menu, I also disabled the secondary account (always from chrome: // flags) but I have not solved anything

Sorry I couldn't help more and by the way your English is fine. :)
:o 8) :-TU

I forgot to write that using google chrome does not have the problem

Hi ciccolo,
Sorry I do not know how to solve this issue, I will mention it to the Developers.

Kind regards.

Hi ciccolo,

Actually this problem is derived from Chromium itself up to v41, as pointed out by captainsticks. Details can be found in 449569 - chromium - An open-source project to help move the web forward. - Monorail.
You don’t/won’t have any problems with Chromodo/Dragon v42 and above, we already included fix in our browsers.

Thanks for your valuable feedbacks.

Thanks Ozan Bora Fikir. :-TU