I need some help with cleaning the android os on my ROM chip....

Hello memebrs of this forums, i need some help with my android device.
I am using the Android 4.0 powerd LG optimus 3d p920 black smart phone. I am afraid that my Android Main operating system bootup or image file may be infected with a virus. However, comodo is not scanning it well, because my phone fucntions impropely at some times.

Can one of the comodo staff people please remote connect to my device iether via pc or directly to the mobile phone and check out my issue for me?

I am not getting any alerts from comodo av scanner even though i think my phone has malware or spyware in it.

If it is the OS file on the rom chip then it is too large to submit here. I know that the file is encrypted with a crypter or an encryption program.

Can someone please aid me to detect the OS image file located in the ROM chip of the phone. Whenever i connect my phone to the computer, it ONLY detects the mass storage wich is my internal sd card but i cant see any of the os files of android even though i search for unhidden files and folders. I am sure android coders have hidden the OS or main kernal files because it is a very mandatory system file.

Thanks in advance.

Has your phone been rooted?
If not, how do you expect to access files/folders located off the root folder?
Android 4.0? As in an early ICS version?
Have you considered updating your firmware and kernel?
If you are unsure how to do this, or how to root, please visit XDA Forum, the boards specific for your phone. There is a wealth of support, information and like users waiting to assist you.

Hey! yes i have succesfully rooted my mobile phone with super one click. When i plug it into my pc, i try both moded: mass storage and also with the option with mass storage unchecked. I cannot get to my ROM chip. As in i dont see any thing asking me where in the phone i want to go.

I have root access, i can goto the microsd card or the internal phone storage but i DONT SEE THE android operating system file. or the kernal files.
Are they hidden? if yes where are they, please can you assist me further with this promlem?

I am sure that my ROM BOOT IMAGE file is infected with a virus and i want to remove that with the comodo scanner.

Use a phone app such as Root Explorer to view your root files/folders.

Hey the av of comodo will not delete a virus as it will on my windows 7 pc.

I have latest updates and i know that the virus is 1KB in size. Im sure it is a downloader.

I cannot delete the 1kb file.
Its a spreading virus so it copies itself file to file and usb to usb.
Please can you help me detect it.

I will upload it in a .zip archive. I want one of the comodo staff to make a virus signature for it.

I know the person who may of made it. It is a person who used to go to my school and whenever a av signature is made that virus is detected.
Please can you help me


Could you please give us the name of the APK that you think is virus?


Hello, i will upload a single file soon from my phone. Its a jpeg image and since the stock firmware chip is infected, there is nothing i can do to remove it since virus has spread file to file its impossible to clear it.


Yes i have explored files in my root folder. There are several system files there. I dont know how to delete them though. I have to delete them because i want to erase the stock firmware ROM chip information and data and i want my phone memory chips to be clear of any files. If its possible i want to delete the bios as well. Comodo forums is best because i use the av product and many staff have already helped me but not for this topic.