I need help with Updates

When I go to download updates nothing happens. Can I use Mozilla Firefox, or do I have to use windows explorer.

Welcome, Ronald.

What product are you trying to update?

I use firefox as my primary/default browser, and have not had difficulty with a number of products (thus the first question).


Hello Ronald,

According to the report you have sent, you said you were using Comodo Firewall version 3.0. This cannot be correct as version 3.0 has not been released to the public yet.

Please confirm your version number by clicking About in the main Comodo Firewall screen.


I bet it’s the Database v3.0. I know that this could only be possible with CFP v2.4.x

Thats possible, however if this is the case he should not be receiving any updates as he would be using the most up to date database and version.


Not necessarily :). As a test, you can delete or move CPF.chm (the help file) to another location. Then run the Updater and see what happens. :wink: I did that before and it prompted me to update and reboot. The updater must be checking to see if there are missing CFP files. That’s something I don’t see in any other software.

BTW, shouldn’t this be in the Firewall Help board?

It is in the Firewall Help section… (:WIN)


Thanks for noticing. Glad to see you’re awake (:WIN).