I need help with Rules

I am a bit confused ( what else is new). I am not sure that the “Network Control Rules” I

have are correct. I am going to try and post a Screenshot of my Rules. If that does not

show up, I’ll try and use the attachment method.
Can someone tell me if I am ok, or what changes I should make?

I’ll take care of this computer, and then I will do Confused Part 2, with a screenshot of

the Rules on my Laptop.

Thank You !

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Hi bobbyc, it would appear that you have rules duplicated. #0 &#2, 1 & 3, 4 & 6, 5 & 7.
What happened to the default rules installed with cpf? I believe the default set and 1 each of your home lan zone rules (moved up to 0 &1 in list) is all you would need. Hope this helps.

At the time I installed CPF, I don’t think it came with Default Rules. BUT, Icould very wel lhave messed something up.
I do know that when I installed the latest version of CPF on my girlfriends laptop, it did come with network Rules already installed, and then I added the Home Lan Rules. Once I get my mess sorted out, I will post a Screenshot of her Rules, to see if I got it right. ???

As soon as I get the time, I think I will uninstall, and then reinstall. I’ll then redo the Home Lan Rules, as I think that is what allows me to share printers on the local network. I’ll post a new screenshot of my main pc CPF Rules.

I appreciate your help. I’d be lost in the woods otherwise. ;D

I re-installed CPF on two computers (not the laptop). I then scanned for “trusted applications”, and “defined a new trusted network”.

My spare PC can print off of the printer attached to my main PC, and my main PC can print off of the printer attached to the wireless Laptop, so I am ok there.
Maybe I will work on trying to get the spare PC to print off of the Laptop’s printer, or I just count myself lucky with what I have, and stop here !

Here’s a new screenshot of the network Rules.
Am I ok now, or is there some fine tuning I should do ?
Thanks again, for your help.

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