I need help please!

Hello. im new. sorry if this is in the wrong section. is it normal for firefox to be listening to so many ports. Im on a local network with 2 other computers. I thought maybe i had a virus. I ran 3 scans. one with comodo and 2 with super anti spyware. both came up clean. Am i just paranoid? thanks O0


I don’t think so…
Were you downloading stuff at that time? or visiting many sites at the same time, or Firefox maby DLed updates… Could be the reason. Maby this was a onetime occurrence… Just guessing here! :smiley: :slight_smile: Still having that many connections? Mine has a LOT less anyway… :o :o

How many tabs do you usually keep open? If you had more than a couple tabs open at the time, that looks fine.

either several tabs or lots of ads or both. Possibly you have a lot of spyware you need to get rid of. I use NoScript add on and have very few connections. This page shows 0 with scripts partially allowed.