I need help from comodo's official developers

I found a possible bug in comodo 2024 beta to - comodo still uploads files even after the file rating feature is turned off. If I remember correctly, comodo also uploaded some of my more private files (which I only remember, but can’t confirm now.Because I uninstalled the software after being scared). So I would like to ask the official developers to check if this problem really exists.

In addition, I would like to ask the developer @ilgaz , comodo file rating function exactly upload what types of files?

The two links below are the installation packages I used:
iCloud Drive - Apple iCloud;
iCloud Drive - Apple iCloud

CIS Uploads the files to Valkyrie where Xamas(Xcitium Automated Malware Analysis System) will make a decision of the file if its good or bad if no verdict is found the file will go to human expert analysis for further checks

if im sure it uploads only exe(executable file)

Thank you, I know there is no problem under normal circumstances. But this is a beta version, I would like to confirm if it is a bug that caused the incorrect upload.
I hope @ilgaz can answer this question.

@FlorinG @ipipirig Can you answer these two questions for me—— Is there a bug in versions to of Comodo 2024 beta that could cause accidental uploading of privacy files? Under normal circumstances, what suffix files will comodo upload?

Hello @LindaHerbert5735, neither I nor @ipipirig is involved in the development process. It would be best if you could post any issues or bugs in the beta corner. Thank you!

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Okay, who can answer my two questions?

hi @LindaHerbert5735 , please check this post

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