I must confess....

I cried after this song

I really cried after this song…

I thought about few past memories

I cried hard after this


So… Now you know; I have my emotional side lol
Sometimes songs get to you… i guess.

Depressing huh?
Then listen to this



Very beautiful and very differentiate.

I have also found something sad :

and something depressing :

Take care.

Depressing huh? Then listen to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejEVczA8PLU
:-TU :D ;D

To Jacob. If their was beautiful heart awards, you would have the biggest award ever. Thanks for sharing this with us all. Kind regards to you.

Ever want to laugh?

I dare you not too

short story behind the lion king,
I used to watch it 24/7 when i was under 4 Feet :stuck_out_tongue:


That was a good cheer up Jake.
Talks as fast as my daughter.


Yeah It Was!
I miss watching Lion King so i went to a thrift store just now to get it on DVD and now i’m watching it on my laptop…

:slight_smile: I’m slow talker type person , I can’t talk that fast or i’ll start hesitating xD