I meet a bewildering phenomena with CTM

I installed CTM, it looks all fine.
Today,I cleaned my desktop with a software for sweeping malware, it seems that this software deleted one of system staring file, restart desktop, after CTM console, it did not prompt WindowsXP banner, I quickly restarted,enter CTM boot-up Console,and recovery to the baseline image. My desktop works well again, but, aftersome time, the same problem caused by that antmalware, occured again, I have to restart desktop, recover my desktop to the baseline again,

It seems as if that this version of CTM not back up some critical system files…

Hope a new version.

Hi deltrentis,

Can you please provide “what” malware scanner was used.
And does it provide a way to see “what” it detected and removed that could cause this?

I was using this http://www.beike.cn/, it may be difficult for you to read, it is a trojan killer developed by Kingsoft of China.
This little application just delete a file under winpatrol (http://www.winpatrol.com/)directory,which is setup.exe

I also run malwarebytes’ anti-malware ,which delete a file under windows directory, finder.exe

By now,I am not sure, whether my security applications did a wrong thing or CMT has a bug.

I suppose that CMT should be improved further.

finder.exe is a process belonging to the Microsoft Office family of products and offers an advanced search facility which allows you to find keywords within Outlook data files. This program is a non-essential process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems.

I guess that should not cause it…

If i have some time I’ll see if i can test that tool against CTM but it is possible it flags some CTM actions suspicious and then “kills” CTM on cleanup…

CTM works fine with the trojan killer on my machine.

Obviously, this problem is due to your security software.

Anyway, I don’t think so ,