I love comodo.

It is the bestest program ever invented in the whole world, and you guys offer it for free!!! You guys are either crazy or are gods gift.
Thanks for this awesome program, and a big thank you to the new Secure DNS feature, awesome awesome feature.
:comodo110: :ilovecomodo: :comodosavedmylife: (V) :comodorocks: (CNY) :comodomarryme:

(CLY) too!


I’ll be joining you on this. The best piece of software ever made. Thumbs up!

Thank you Anathaen, thanks to the Comodo Family members like you we will continue improving all our products for you!


I would like to add that the Comodo forum probably is the best forum with a lot of helpful people! :-TU

I totally agree with what Dave said :-TU

And I would also exclaim ferociously that ALL comodo products and the support of them is the bestest bestest awesome awesomelicious Class of products evah!!! And it is almost my first anniversary of using Comodo Products. :ilovecomodo: :comodo110: :comodorocks:

Thumbs up for this thread and thanks COMODO. :-TU

Thank you guys, honestly, without you guys, we simply couldn’t have done it! I do mean it!


Thank you Comodo for a great Firewall and Antivirus and keep up the good work. :comodo110:

Let me add to the rank. Love CIS :-TU

Yep, I also subscribe to what people said above !!!


I love my wife and daughter.

Their software is pretty good; I like them.