I love CFP .. but this one thing is

I love CFP, very slick, but one thing I just can’t figured out is how to configure CFP in a way that it stops asking the rule for the same program. I check the box to remember the setting but I use hotkeys and launch programs from other programs. How can I make CFP understand for example that Firefox is allowed to access the net only once no matter what application is launching it?

An help is appreciated, thanks. (V)


If you open CFP and click on SECURITY - ADVANCED - MISCELLANEOUS, and change the Alert Frequency Level to VERY LOW, you will only receive one alert per application, regardless of other factors affecting the application (i.e. parent application, destination IP, required ports, etc.).

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You may want to look at these threads:



The first specifically addresses your issue. The second is a compilation that has a lot of detailed information about these nuts & bolts issues of CFP.


Thanks guys. Really thank you :BNC
I love the CFP but that popup was 30 times a day and I didn’t want to change Firewall.
Panic :slight_smile: Thanks for that direct link.

Apart from lowering the alert level, you can edit any rule and allow the app regardless of the parent, without specifying any one. That’s still less safe than making a rule for each trusted parent.

I have programs for which I want full internet access.
BUT I have others I DO NOT want them to have mentioned access.

I configure the applications accordingly, giving total in/out freedom to the first group, leaving child as “learn child” and configure the second group as BLOCKED for IN/OUT.

the result is that every time I open one program which is blocked, I receive a Comodo alert that the program is “as a child” trying to use firefox or other program for connection to the internet.

If my response is DENY, thats become a block to the PARENT program.

I have try to find an answer to this on the forums with no luck

is there any file explaining how to circumvent this issue

thanks in advance

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If possible will you capture a screenshot of the alert/popup message as you describe, and post it here. That will help us, so we can better understand your scenario.



PS: If you need help with the screenshot, there is detailed information here: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,6770.0.html