I just unninstaled CCAV

I just can’t use ccav. It makes pc slow, unstable, amd grafic software stop’s working, pc starts and stop very very slow.
I can’t even acces windows start button. :frowning:
Win 10 enterprise, 8 gb of ram, amd A10 - quad core processor.

Hi Costi1977,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Can you please provide Windows version and CCAV version you had.
Also please provide msinfo32.nfo and Microsoft Event logs using this guide.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

Hi PremJK,
Thanks for your response. I will attach the files you need, but the event files can be uploaded only in txt format. I hope its ok.
As i mention in the first post i already unninstaled ccav.

[attachment deleted by admin]

app. event

security event

[attachment deleted by admin]

setup event

system event

Hi costi1977,
Thanks for provided details.

However couple of further questions:

  1. When you observed slowdown, was it persistent after reboot?
  2. Did you see any specific process consuming high CPU / Disk usage?
  3. If you don’t remember, possible to try CCAV again and report back?


ok, i will reinstall ccav next days to see what happens.

Ok, thanks, your feedback will be much appreciated.

Did you use any other security SW beside CCAV ? Your issue might be related with an incompatibility with other SWs.
Or maybe a FW that blocked CCAV connections to the cloud?

before ccav, i had bit defender free installed. i forgot to unninstall bit defender agent (wich remaind in my pc). after i unnistalled bit agent, the symptoms remained the same. occasionally I used malwarebytes but after a scan I uninstalled it.
I left only the windows firewall.

From the screenshot you attached I can see you are running CIS. Was it a replacement for CCAV or did you use both of them in the same time?

i just replace ccav with cis. i didn’t use them in the same time.

OK, then, I don’t know what it can be… I have never experienced any slowdown with CCAV, only a longer boot time, but it was several releases ago…

ok, thanks, as i said i will try next days to see what happens.