With this new Firewall, new to me that is, she can lock your front and back doors with ease.
Just my two sense worth, I’ll be sure to tell others they don’t know what their missing.
I’ve trained her bit by bit and I’ve not seen the likes of it before, Phew! :-TU

That’s a really great emoticon. I might add it to the set just for Josh ;D.

Maybe you’ll like this one as well. I downloaded the anti-virus software today,
I’m just surprised nobody had mentioned it before. #1 Firewall #2 BOClean #3
anti-virus, that should protect my baby you would think! ;D

That’s because it is still in it’s BETA stage. They hope to release CAVS3 by late June, The release time is flexible and is not set in stone.

That’s the plan… :wink:


That’s O.k. I’m in no rush…


Please do so!! :smiley:


The default set is now read-only to mods (:SAD)

not trying to be !ot! , but could you pls tell me where do i can get those smileys? 88)

oh sorry, ehm, where were we? let’s see…oh yeah, you might wanna try CMF & V-engine :-TU :-TU :-TU

(don’t forget to tell me the smileys ;D )

I write this line not to forget to get the smileys… (:NRD)

Well if your asking me I use Photo Bucket, there you’ll find a search box in the
upper right corner. Type in a word and browse the results, start with smileys
then experiment :wink: