I just got updated to :o)

My PrivDog just update to on Firefox, any news on what is new and changed ?

As usual its working great, keep up the good work :smiley:

My privDog updated automatically to 1.5.14 to my Firefox and chrome but where is the official announcement?

I’m still on 1.1 in Dragon. Any word on the IE version?

My Dragon is at

my SRWIron (that based Chromium) got update

Dragon still at here. There is the fact that I very rarely open it though. I’m an IE guy.

Its strange there’s been no official announcement about the update, hope we hear something soon, would be good to know whats new :slight_smile:

It updated now after leaving Dragon open for about an hour. It would be nice to know what the changes are.

I’m glad you finally got the update, currently I’m only waiting for two computers to get the update now, maybe soon for them ;D

I don’t understand why it’s taking them this long to tell us about the updates…

I’m guessing either its slipped there minds for the moment, or they are planning a further update due to some reason only they alone know of, until they do or if they do we can only be patient I guess and see if they do or not, so long as we get the update and it works is whats most important thing here :slight_smile:

While we waiting it doesn’t stop us discussing the new update and any wishes for improvements ;D

Like, for all we know it could have been a compromised update and there’s something malicious in PrivDog. It just seems really unprofessional to me. :-\

My apologies for the delay in the release post: