I have to respond to this!

someone made this statement on wilders forum by someone called fuzzfas (we do have someone called with the same ID in our forums and I don’t know if its the same one, if it is, Fuzzas, i hope i can shed some light to your concerns below)

Here is the statement:

"Isn’t this what many other vendors have the honesty to say? Isn’t that what PrevX was saying? Isn’t that what Threatfire does? The only difference is that they say “We have a paid version too”, they say “We have an extra feature that you pay for too”. "

This statement is being made because we launched a new service for end users that we charge for. The point they are missing is: This is not a “full version” of a crippleware nor a feature of the firewall!
There is a huge version between people offering trialware/crippleware then upselling full version (which we DON’T do!) and Comodo giving a full version product for free!

This is a totally new service, its not the first and won’t be the last. Also, worth noting, this is not the first time we offer “services” to end users, we have a product called Trustfax. So I don’t understand the fuss to be honest.

I really hope this clarifies the situation as we had services that end users pay for for many years, and we have not changed what we are doing with our firewall!


I don’t really see an issue in Comodo selling a product or service that bears some relationship to its free firewall,since that firewall is fully functional by itself.

Should be clear now?