I Have the conficker worm, What do I do?

I think I have the conficker virus because my other computer cant get to the internet and when I checked my email it said sombody is using my account, can somebody help me to un block the conficker worm from dening me from using the internet, so I can update comodo?

There are a number of removal tools such as the Symantic one here:


P.S. Have you got CIS Buffer Overflow protection enabled???


I have buffer overflow prevention enabled, but I can’t get on the internet on that computer. I think there is a problem with my dnschace.

You need to download the Confliker remover on the computer you are using now, save it to a CD and then run it on the infected computer.


I need sooo much help right now, I don’t know what type of virus is there, but I think its the conficker. I cannot insert a CD disc because what ever is there is preventing me from removing it. But, I have Super anti spyware but it has a hard time finding it. Do you think any of the repair options might work.

Mcafee stinger is known for cleaning this up.

Just take a look at this site : http://vil.nai.com/vil/stinger/

let us know if it fixed it please :wink:


If you can see all these 6 images you dont have conficker


This won’t remove Conficker (if that’s the virus you’re infected with), but the patch from Microsoft will prevent future infection:

Hello, got some strange behaviour on a number of my PCs. This PC still connects well to the Internet, but Comodo firewall cannot be updated anymore. And when I run Comodo diagnostics, I am also getting an error message: there are problems with my installation and it cannot be automatically fixed. what do i do?

Why doesn’t Comodo AV/Internet security/Firewall prevent the Conficker virus from getting in our computers? I thought that was what “Anti-virus” software was supposed to do…? Why do I have to go get something somewhere else to see if I have the worm?

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Not necessarily do you have the worm.
What version of CIS are you running? What is your OS, and are you running any other AV or security software? May sound stupid, but did you also disable Windows Firewall?

CIS has built in Memory Firewall (Buffer Overflow) Protection which prevents the Conflicker Worm from infecting your machine. It’s not known if Sutieday is running the current version or what response he did to the Defense+ and Antivirus PopUps.