I have Anti Spyware Vista on my Computer PLEASE HELP!!!!

Well I came home one night, and went on my computer and I had another icon saying you need to remove these files, I knew for a fact it was fake cause I use Comodo to remove files and scan my computer, but when I ran a scan nothing came up even although its on here, I can’t run pretty much any programs, I downloaded Spyware Doctor but its just scam to make money, and I tried getting Malwarebytes, but I can’t even install it on my computer, because I can’t open the file.

Can anyone help me, or at least point me in the right (reliable) direction of a way of getting rid of this nonsense?, I use my computer frequently and would hate to have to buy a new one cause of this garbage (and because I can’t afford to buy a new computer every time this ■■■■ happens).

Try reading this and see if it helps. If not please post back:
What You Need To Know About Removing Infections and Securing Your Computer

No matter what you won’t have to get a new computer. The worst case scenario if that you’d have to reformat it. Since you say you have CIS installed if these programs can’t help I’d shift it into paranoid mode and check out each request before you allow it. Use these methods on How To Tell If A File Is Malicious.

In this way you should be able to discover the culprit. Good luck.

Maybe not so easy as nothing seems to work anymore in gui mode.

The computer should be restarted in safe mode (if any under vista?) or under administrative rights if it runs (like it should have…) under limited account.

In such a situation, manual removal is time spending, but not so hard.

Always also manually check temp and system folders for unusual files.

you can try and rename the execute files (.exe) <----after it’s installed :slight_smile:

Try doing a system restore to the previous day. There’s a midnight checkpoint every day. I’d then download Malwarebytes antimalware + Super Antispyware and scan with both though Malwarebytes should find all reminents. I’d also, after removal, do a fresh system restore and then disable + Renable system restore to delete the old restore files which may still shold some malware bits.

The 2-spyware and 2-viruses sites have poort WOT ratings so it’s best to try this alternative method.