I have a Request!

Dear Staff at Comodo,

Could you please still support Comodo Firewall Pro 2.4

I have tried the new comodo 3 firewall, but like many others it gave me problems and it caused my PC to keep Crashing or hanging during bootup, sometimes it would give a BSOD screen other times it would boot to my windows desktop and the PC would then just freeze,

only solution I had was to do a safe mode uninstall and then a system restore afterwards to try and correct the probs ver. 3 caused to my PC

I’ve only been using Comodo firewall for about a month and ver. 2.4 was the one i had installed and it runs perfectly well for me and causes no problems.

So thats the one i am currently using after ver. 3 just has too many probs on my PC for me.

so i would like to know for one the Comodo Certified Apllications Database Version: 3.0
for Comodo Firewall Pro 2.4, is there a newer database version and if so how do i update it in my firewall since the updater button only updates my firewall to comodo Firewall Pro 3 if i click it to check for updates??

i think like many others we would prefer to stick to Ver 2.4 of the firewall since it works on our PC’s while the newer firewall doesn’t, so i hope you guys will keep on supporting
the 2.4 firewall and continue to release them databses if we need it :Beer

that might be a good idea for the people with issues with V3, but thats on the developers