I have a question about Svchost

I’m running Win 7 x64. And I’ve never encountered this on my XP Pro x86. If I run a torrent client I see many connections for svchost (UDP OUT) on a port I didn’t specify. I keep my UDP out source port on a specific port but I see PC connecting -UDP OUT-on a single port I didn’t allow in my predefined firewall policies. I’ve never seen connections on svchost. Can someone tell me why this might be? I’ve run all my anti-malware and found nothing. And the only svchost is in my system32 folder. I have svchost (Outgoing only) but I don’t understand why it’s showing connections when I have a torrent client running. ???

Maybe you can found your answer here:


Thanks for you help. I’ve read up on something similar about svchost but I suppose I didn’t clarify my question better. If I have in my predefined rules that UDP OUT should be using only one port say (12000) when I’m running a torrent client but when I turn on my torrent client, I see connections for my torrent client that follow my rules but additionally there are seperate connections listed using a different port I didn’t specify say (54000), why is comodo allowing that to happen? I’ve never had that happen in my other OS. Should I designate my rule for svchost to use the same port as my torrent client for UDP OUT?

Never mind. I figured out the problem. It was the Teredo using 6to4 tunnel. By default it is set off on XP but on Win 7 it is turned on. :slight_smile: