I have a keylogger? cfp.exe? kaspersky says!

kaspersky tells me?


what is this?

is that a compatibility issue?

Welcome to the Forum, Irkr.

This is a FP from Kaspersky.

Kaspersky is not compatible with Comodo.

It ought to be be a FP due to Kaspersky heuristic.

Please send CFP.EXE to Kaspesky AV labs.
How to report undetected viruses or false positives to Kaspersky viruslab.

thnaks what is FP what does that stand for?

so I do not have any thing to worry about?

FP = False Positive.

Now my password does not work any more I even tried to follow the steps here


but still same problem. Last thing I remember I was doing was going to stealth mod and change it
then I went back and had password issue/

this is very strange my password is correct

Please help

Today I noticed that Kaspersky apparently has messed up my comodo

I see comodo says that I have found a bug

My comodo has gone the only folder is repair folder
Now please tell me how I can uninstall comodo completely

this is the info

please see the attached file.

[attachment deleted by admin]

So you let Kaspersky delete files from your Comodo install? Yes, that could cause problems.

Did you send Comodo the info mentioned in the screenshot?

Try Start>All Programs>Comodo>CIS>Uninstall or Upgrade and try to re-install what’s missing.