I got a new avatar!

I got a new or should I say I got a avatar now.
An “M” for Monkey_Boy=).

And my real names starts with M too.
Clever eh?


Ganda, I think you should have an avatar with the letter “P” in it.

“P” for “pervert”

Ganda you pervert! what makes you think M stands for Mandy? He did say his user name was Monkey-BOY Get a grip on yourself man! M also means Male when filling out government forms BTW ;D
Xman 8)

What do you think Ganda put sdown in a goverment form next to the sex category? ;D

"Yes please

Soya, we’re mind melding! We always knew he/she/it was perverted :o :o
Xman :■■■■

lol (:LGH)

You’re the head of MI6? :o

haha, Nope. But close shot there ganda… :wink:

what? :slight_smile: ;D
Dont be paranoid, I live in sweden, and Iam not involved with any such organizations.
If I where the head of MI6 then I probably would have better things to do then to post on the comodo forum all day, haha. cheers. :slight_smile:

I think he’s referring to this M ; -)

LOL ■■■■ I was so serious. :smiley:

Ronny I fixed your URL :stuck_out_tongue:

You never know with strangers. (:LOV)

I only rememberd Q from the bond movie, thats why I missed the joke.

Magica De Spell?

[attachment deleted by admin]

ahh Yes, thats my name… (:HUG)

good job there Ganda. (:WAV)

I thought it stood for Maniac but good one. :SMLR