I got a message saying it found password for my email with another account or so

So I got a message on Comodo Mobile Security ver. 4.0.0020DB ver102 saying about it found my password for my email and so I changed my email password and then checked again it still said the same do you know how often it checks this and so so I know that what I did fixed the problem Or any other advice since it says about that it found my email credentials were stolen


Everyday, the app is checking dark web for you to detect if your credentials stolen or not.

If the app does not give any notification about email breaches, it means that it couldn’t found a new breach about your credentials.

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Comodo Mobile Security Team

So it still same the same breach that it said before but I have changed my password and I looked at my yahoo activity and I do not see anything so now what ?

Hi djm22,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. We will hide your old breaches as soon as possible. (Also you can see them by clicking “history” button).

Let me introduce you Identity Protection logic:

1- Everyday we are checking your credentials at Dark Web records.
2- If we find a new breach about your credentials, we notify you

In your case, there is no new breach found by Comodo about your credentials.

This feature is a kind of early alert mechanism to notify you. So, we advise you activate this feature for further breach alerts.


Ok thank you so now how do I see the history I do not see it anywhere on the app on my phone now for the id protection I don’t have the premium enabled would have to click on one of the free deals that is the only way it is showing it is working right now it only says about checking email right now though it says the others coming soon

Hi djm22,

Sorry about misunderstanding. Let me clarify this situation:

1- For limited account, we only show 1 email breaches.
2- To add more email (or to see more than one email details), you need to have premium account (by clicking offerwall or by doing in-app subscription)
3- History button will be added with the next update.

Thank you

Thank you for your help and I love the Comodo group of programs its always cool to see the next thing that Comodo programs do

I’d like to jump in and ask how do we know what website this email breach occurred? It only lists passwords hidden partially with asterisks but there is nothing that shows what website is in question?

Hi demonr6

I have answered your questions under the new topic that you opened.

Please check and let me know if it satisfies you:



For an account to which I request a password I do not receive an email to set it up again. How should I do?


Is it possible to share your email id with cms@comodo.com ?

We will check and let you know.