I Give up onF/W settings Help

Need help

Desktop hard wired to Dsl router,laptop wireless laptop can see desk, but desk csnt see laptop

have tried all the options onstealth ports &network zone

network name workgroup 67

Need a few more details from you: CFP installed on both machines or just one? How have you defined you LAN IP range in the Network Zone page? What security software is present on your desktop? XP or Vista? Did you have the wireless LAN active when you installed CFP?

ZA on desktop

security desktop ----avast

ip range used any on that page

xp sp 2 media

not sure abt lan active

I don’t really know ZA, but you may have to define the address of the laptop as part of your LAN address set for ZA. First click on the laptop Start>Run>and type cmd. At the DOS prompt, type ipconfig and see what IP address the laptop has on file. It may be the same one as the desktop (run ipconfig there too to check). You may have to do an ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew sequence to resolve the problem. I’m not experienced in this area, but that is my guess.