I get these Firewall "network intrusions" events on a daily basis

I get these Firewall “network intrusions” events on a daily basis (attached screenshot)
it looks like I have some problem with the configuration, can anyone help me please to understand what’s going on?

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These are not from outside your private network. These would be one device trying to talk to another. (eg game station, laptop, etc)

thanks for answering
could you please help me to figure out how do I find that device, I do have a laptop but I don’t think it tries to connect to this desktop computer why would it?
any ideas of how can I find which device is trying to communicate with this computer please?

if these are devices in my own network trying to talk to one another why do they register as “Intrusions” and can I exclude these warning for this particular issue so when I get a real network intrusion it should show there and not these?

The IP (source) is the address of your network components.
Which one has which address?
You can tell CIS anything in your private network is safe.
That would resolve your concerns fully :relaxed:

how do I trust it please? I went to “manage networks” and the button trust network was already ticked, should I choose block and then trust?
I still get these errors… when I installed Comodo I followed Chiron’s setting up comodo suggestions,
under the Firewall settings below in the Advanced section
Chiron recommended to tick these boxes like filter ipv6 traffic and all but if one run into trouble to untick them, could it be any of these boxes which causes the errors?