I get an alert for "C:\Windows\Temp\CBXX.tmp" ( X = [0,F] ) on every startup !!!

Hi !

I get this after every startup:


Click on tha pic

First there is an alert by Comodo, and then shortly after that by avira. I always click remove but that bunch of CBXX files ( X is a hex character ) always remain in the temp folder for a while, and i cannot delete them manually as well, win says they are being used by another process. But after 30-40 sec, they became deleted anyways, regardless if i want remove them or not.

What the hell is this ?

Did you do a Windows update over the last few days that included an Office update to?

Check out my post here:

Hope this of some help.

I thought it was avira flagging the cbxx.tmp files then (I’m guessing) some comodo users reported this as suspious then someone at comodo decided to flagged this without even checking it out ???

I believe those cdxx.tmp files are “comodo’s” anti-virus database files (temporarily of course :slight_smile: ) This only happens when comodos anti-virus gets updated

Hi Vino,

Please submit detected file as false-positives at Comodo Antivirus Database | Submit Files for Malware Analysis and we will check them to confirm if they’re malware or not.

If you cannot access respective files, please specify the full detection name as “UnclassifiedMalware@xxxxx”.

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