i found XSS AND SQL INJECTION in comodo

hello dear support

i fund to many vulnerability in comodo website . i sended information to here https://www.comodo.com/resources/report-security-flaw/index.php
but didn’t answering me

thank you

my username in hacker one:ragnar_odin
cyber shield

Hello kavago7867,

Thank you for reporting.We will check this immediately and Please check your inbox via PM.
Have a nice day!

hello comodo security team yes we found many vulnerability from your webserver & we reporded but no one responded to our
this is your DB name pg_catalog & public thank you


Thank you guys.We are checking in it.

we are waiting no response ?



hello dear support we have send 10 Email about bug , xss, sql injection and more we don’t get any response
we send from hackerone and from email :Lu3ky.13@protonmail.ch we get 10,000 data and information

Hey kavago7867,

Please wait,Corresponding team members are working in it.
Have a nice day!

Hello kavago7867 & Hersh,
You can log in to the helpdesk to review the status of your request and once completed they will email you or else I will update you.

Note : A small advice -No need to send multiple reports because it’s an same issue right,if you have send so many in the sense they may ignore or else miss a valid next report too.
Hope :).

where is help desk ? i didn’t get any response
how to see help desk ?

Comodo is assessing your findings. Please wait for Comodo to report back to you.

i’m waiting for 8 day
i need report other vulnerability

this is my email Lu3ky.13@protonmail.ch
contacted to comodo but i didn’t get response

@kavago7867, Where did you contacted? Share the link or else Screenshot them.

i send it to here https://www.comodo.com/resources/report-security-flaw/index.php

Hello kavago7867,
Okay,Please wait and I will check with the team again.

Hello kavago7867,
Seems teams are working in it.Once they finished in the sense they will acknowledge you so please wait for that.

@ Dharshu ok thank you

hey bro weher is my bug bunty

Hello Hersh,

I will check with the team and update you.