I don't want to save backup on CPM uninstall. Why does it keep asking?

Comodo Program Manager
Windows XP Pro SP-3

In the settings for CPM, it deselected the “Make backup when uninstalling a monitored application”. When I uninstall using CPM, I don’t want it saving backups that I won’t be using. If I want the program back, I’ll reinstall it or restore from image backups.

Yet when I do an complete uninstall using CPM, it still shows the yellow infobar at the top asking “Backups are not enabled. Do you want to enable backups from now on? Yes No”. Well, duh, I configured CPM to not save backups and I would like it to honor that configuration settings.

I run daily image backups (full on Monday morning, incremental on every other morning). If I need the app back then I’ll restore the disk state to when that app was there. If I want to have a means of restoring the monitored installation after an install, I’d probably use the “Make Installer” feature of CPM. I have configured CPM to not save backups on an uninstall and I would really like it to do that.